Eileen Braziel/Curator

Eileen Braziel is a highly respected, independent Curator and Art Advisor with twenty-five years of experience in the contemporary art world. Known for her innovative vision and expertise in Native American and Indigenous Contemporary Art, she is sought out by museums, prestigious institutions, private collectors and galleries to commission and place artist’s work. 

A bold visionary, Ms. Braziel recently produced and aid in funding the internationally acclaimed land art installation between artists Ai Weiwei and Bert Benally.  “Pull of the Moon” a 360 degree immersive video was designed for a 50 foot dome for the public to experience this unique collaboration between two cultural icons.

Ms. Braziel is known for challenging the mainstream art world with a more global, diverse and inclusive artist standard and interpreting its meaning of symbolic value through lectures and exhibitions. "Relational Aesthetics K is old news. I believe art  is not about aesthetics, art is created so  one one can appreciate and engage on a social level to human nature as a way of life. Dedication through art collecting is necessary to create a trajectory and change. Know well what is right in front of you."

Ms. Braziel is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and provides Visual Art & Design Consulting for corporations, galleries, private collectors and municipal organizations.