Pull of the Moon was produced on the Navajo Nation, USA and during the time when Ai Weiwei was a dissident in China. The collaboration was organized  by long distant visits to his studio in Beijing, and with help from Ai's professional staff. Funded by New Mexico Arts Art in Public Places, ILSAF non-profit organization for land arts, and private funding. 

Federico Muelas  and brothers Spenser and Zach were chosen out of a total of five artists (Tony Abeyta, Kenneth Johnson, and Jaque Fragua) who created full-immersive dome video.  The concept is for a traveling dome to feature innovative virtual art for rural and off-site exhibitions. 

Muelas ingeniously recorded a time based artwork from the most simplest form of dropping blue ink in water.  The Battiest brothers thought provoking story about his tribes undefeated war against the Spaniards in Florida. The music video is created from their Seminole family photos and with their music that engages a viewer into a 360  immersive collage. Imagine standing inside the 50ft. dome with virtual  surrounding. The purpose of the project is to provide a mobile museum for the public in the most remote areas in the world. This project was funded by private donors, iLSAF, and the New Mexico Cultural Affairs.