Peach Tree Project

Established in 2018, the Peach Tree Project is a collaboration between Eileen Braziel/Desert Design , Pat Hall, artists, and non-profit organizations from the Navajo Nation.

A tax-deductible planting project begins April 27, 2018 in Canyon de Chelly to bring back a once economic and symbolic value of the Peach Tree.

Each 200 USD contribution will be used for  planting a  peach tree  on the Navajo Nation.  This on-going adopt a peach tree  program on the reservation is an immediate and positive action to a devastating war between the Navajo people and the US government before a treaty was signed in 1868 by Manuelito, the Navajo leader at that time. Our goal is to plant  1000 trees in three years. 

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Peach Tree History (pdf)


Purchase handmade products Inspired by Peach Tree Project

Eileen Braziel and Pat Hall collaborated to feature Dine'  furniture, lighting, and design products on-line for purchase and shipping. The origin of these unique designs were  inspired by the  traditional  churro wool weavers on the Navajo Nation to create  and continue their  craft into a modern style , and where Hall and Braziel set their goals  to connect artists to the mainstream contemporary design market.  Andrew Connors, Director of Albuquerque Museum of Art, discusses the design:"They are innovative, imagination expanding, and stunningly original. " 

All Churro products are handmade and unique. In this pod-cast Ron Garnanez talks about the sacred Navajo Churro : 

Native America calling reports on Ron Garnanez

The on-line purchase is set up for all DESERT DESIGN products. Be he' Designs are now available!


Check out this great video on Ron Garnanez Sheep Camp on the Navajo Nation:

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