Selected projects

Artist Ai Weiwei in his studio working on TIME at Navajo Nation

Ai Weiwei on the Navajo Nation

Project with Ai Weiwei and the Navajo Nation, USA.

Art Net

Current information on the Navajo Nation project highlighting the importance of working directly with indigenous people and their tribal land.

Artnet News

How China’s Most Famous Grounded Artist Collaborated With A Navajo Man Thousands Of Miles Away.

Huffington Post

Ai Weiwei's Bicycle sand painting on the Navajo Nation.

Indigenous Dome Project in Miami

Using the very first Oculus glasses made in 2011 to premier in Miami Pull of the Moon. 

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Sonic art project

Collaboration with Robert Henke from Berlin and Raven Chacon from the Navajo Nation at Chaco Canyon.

Eileen Braziel curated the sonic art project for the New Mexico Arts, Art in Public Places.

The Santa Fe

Dome Project

Goal for New Mexico to be on the world map of innovative art.

When NMA Art In Public Places hired me as a consultant, I was asked to bring to fruition a  five year plan: "Our goals are to have New Mexico be on the world map of innovative art."  says Chuck Zimmer former Art in Public Places Manager. I produced the idea of a 360 degree dome that is part of a call for artist program   that allows artists to create video and have it travel with a remote dome purchased by the New Mexico Arts. First exposure of this diverse program was during the Art Basel Miami.

Centennial Art Project

Alternative Space for the 400 year anniversary of New Mexico

In Santa Fe, Arts and Cultural Affairs of New Mexico supported an alternative space for one year during its 400 year anniversary of statehood. I  was hired to produced an alternative space for artists to create thought provoking installation art. Located downtown Santa Fe, artists transformed a 300 square foot space which gave New Mexico Artists an opportunity  to exhibit museum quality art installations and help promote their creative careers without the pressure of selling. The space was so successful with local support, New Mexico Arts, Art in Public places  leased the space into the following year which  continued to grant artists.